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Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley The words of Mike Dooley in The Secret will continue to ring in your ears long after you have heard them: "And that principle can be summed up in three simple words: thoughts become things".

Mike Dooley's adventurous career began when he graduated with a degree in accounting and went to work for Price Waterhouse. Soon he realised that he was "thriving in the real world - not just surviving in the real world". He had achieved the goals he had set down for himself in his Vision Book. Travelling for P.W. he lived and worked around the world starting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia then visiting 17 countries, mostly in Africa, Asia and the Far East. He left his career in international tax accounting and in 1989 co-founded Totally Unique Thoughts (TUT) with his mother and brother to retail and wholesale its own line of inspirational gifts.

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Wisdom by Mike Dooley

"Life's not about expecting, hoping and wishing, it's about doing, being and becoming."

"The secret to living the life of your dreams is to START living the life of your dreams."

"When you understand someone... truly understand someone... you can't help but love them. Therefore... anyone in your life... ANYONE... who you feel less than love for... you have misunderstood."

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Thoughts Become Things - Mike Dooley
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