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Meditation and relaxation techniques

Target board Learn meditation and relaxation techniques that can literally change your life. The experts provide you with comprehensive information on numerous ways to meditate for enormous life benefits. Relaxation and meditation techniques have been used for centuries for emotional, spiritual and physical healing. Proven scientific studies strongly support this powerful practice. Learn to meditate with our help and enrich your life immeasurably.

"There is no need to go to India or
anywhere else to find peace. You will find
that deep place of silence right in your
room, your garden or even your bathtub.".

~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Benefits of meditation

People who regularly practice relaxation and meditation techniques experience benefits including peaceful and revitalizing sleep, increased motivation and enthusiasm for life, heightened confidence and creativity and reduction of stress, anxiety and depression - and MUCH more.
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Scientific proof

Over 1,000 university scientific studies provide fascinating findings proving the benefits of meditation and relaxation. Increasingly patients in the Western world are prescribed meditation and relaxation, practices that the East have used for centuries.
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What is the best meditation and relaxation method?

Our research team has investigated widely the many different forms of meditation and relaxation. Learn the differences and discover which is the best method for you? Guided meditations and relaxation music are only some of the tools we provide for you.

Inspiring Videos on Meditation and Relaxation

YouTube Michael Beckwith talks about meditation
Michael Beckwith talks about meditation
YouTube Meditation lead by Anusara teacher B W Kramer
Meditation lead by Anusara teacher B W Kramer
YouTube Relaxation Therapy
Relaxation Therapy
YouTube Chakra meditation
Chakra meditation