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How to Make a Goal Setting Success Book

This is an amazingly simple but effective tool to use for setting your goals. Make your own Goal Setting Success Book. If you want to change your life, this is a sure-fire way of getting what you want – getting your goals down on paper.

Creating your own Personal Planning Goal Setting Success Book

goal setting bookPurchase a beautiful book from the Stationers, or a good Art Supplies Store. There are some very nice leather bound ones to be found. I suggest A4 size. Why a good one? Are serious about your goals? Do you passionately want to achieve them? Then treat them with the importance they really deserve.

A Goal Setting Book is to keep forever.

You can have as many goals as you like. Of course you can work on several at once. BUT don’t overwhelm yourself. You could be planning a trip to Italy, loosing weight, learning Italian phrases etc all at the same time!

Create a double page for each goal. When it’s achieved, mark it off and focus on your next goal/s.

Here are some of the areas of your life you may want to think about for great goals:

  • Family
  • Primary Relationship and Love
  • Self education
  • Financial
  • Career
  • Physical Fitness and Weight
  • Home and where you would like to live
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Spiritual and Soul
When you begin to think about these different areas and start setting goals in each area you will create a more balanced life.

Here’s what you do:

Title Page
On the first Page – name it your Goal Book – get inspired and make it look great.

Index Page
Now, turn to the next page – so you have two sides facing you. These will be for your Index.
Each time you create a page for a particular goal, you’ll list it here. And when you achieve the goal, you just neatly cross it out. Done! Accomplished! Completed! (Celebrate).

Goal Pages
Every Goal has a double page spread. You can arrange your pages in any way you like. But, include these essential elements for every goal:

WORDS – write the details of your big goal, and then you can ‘chunk’ it down into smaller goals, and tasks. Read more about the way you write ….. (link here please Anna to the other webpage)

PICTURES - pictures, charts, diagrams and drawings enhance your visualising of the goal. Search for these in magazines and on the internet. Create your own.

The keys to Effective Goal Writing

To be totally effective you must write your goal:
  • in the present tense
  • in positive terms
  • with emotion (feelings)
  • engaging all your senses (eyes (colour/shape/textures), ears, taste, smell, touch
Wow! Please explain!
The reason for the above, in fact the reason we write our goals out at all, is because your subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and the information you feed it. It is your subconscious mind that gets going to carry out the instructions it has been given. It starts creating your goals and manifesting what you want. This process is MUCH MORE powerful when you engage your emotions and all your senses.

The more detailed instructions and the more emotion you feel when creating and stating your goal the better for your subconscious mind. Remember – it’s the creative/feeling part of your mind. It becomes more efficient for you with greater detail.


We want a new office …. Nope, that doesn’t make it!

How about this:

"It is 1st October. My partner and I are absolutely thrilled as we have just turned the key in the door of our wonderful new office. It is on the top floor of the premium building in town. We are standing here on the rich soft grey pure wool carpet gazing down through the floor to ceiling glass windows on the expanse of Main Street. Our furniture has been custom made from cedar timbers and feels as smooth as glass. The exotic smell of the fine Italian leather couches in the entrance office and the aroma of the brewing coffee are enticing. Soft music plays from the discrete sound system as we raise the champagne to our lips, and the play of gentle bubbles popping spells luxury. We feel extremely proud and grateful for our achievement. We hear the crowd emerging from the elevator …. We are ready to party!"

Can you imagine what fun this is? Read and embellish your goals often, the more often the better. You will notice as the years go by that your goals get bigger and better, and, that you are getting smarter and you will achieve your goals more quickly as you get the hang of this wonderful process.