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101 Vegan Recipes for Beginners (Healthy Recipe Books)

101 Vegan Recipes for Beginners (Healthy Recipe Books)
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Author: Ellen Young
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Product Description

Want to cook vegan but never cooked before?

Not to worry! 101 Vegan Recipes for Beginners is the ideal starting point for a passionate vegan eater who wants to cook but not harm animals or eat animal products.

Throw away the meat, eggs and milk and embrace rich, filling recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that require minimal ingredients while still creating delicious flavors.

My quick start guide to vegan cooking and amazing recipes will have even your non-vegan friends coming back for more!

Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #14799 in eBooks
  • Published on: 2013-11-07
  • Released on: 2013-11-07
  • Format: Kindle eBook