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57 Minutes Diet, Volumes 1 & 2 (English Edition)

57 Minutes Diet, Volumes 1 & 2 (English Edition)
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Author: Peter Laurentis
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Product Description

Lose 20 pounds and 5 inches per month eating fast food.
No Exercise! No Starving! No Kidding!

More About the Author:
Peter Laurentis is an entrepreneur, Harvard business graduate, and Stanford alum. While attending Stanford he excelled in his technology classes, which helped inspire him to develop the first mobile app for voting registration, “Raise Your Vote.” This app was later nominated best app at the Mashable Awards. Laurentis also worked for several Silicon Valley startups, including Microsoft, Zaarly, DateMySchool, and GigWalk. He was on the team that created the SkyDrive app, won the Google HTML5 in 2010, and has participated in hackathons for numerous other tech organizations, including Facebook, AT&T and MIT. He is a founding member of Organizing for America (formerly Obama for America), and takes pride in helping candidates like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer, Jay Chen, and Chris Quinn. He also collaborated with NGO’s such as Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, and Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office. Peter’s Klout score is 66, he is fluent in four languages, has lived on four continents, in five major capitals, and in six US cities. His work is now primarily based in Washington, Dubai, and Singapore. In recent years he has branched out from his technological roots and received a certification in Nutrition and Metabolic Syndrome from Harvard Medical School, then went on to develop over 10 years of research on weight management.

Customer Reviews:
“Peter Laurentis' "57 Minutes Diet" first phase has left me "hungering" for the remaining chapters.” –Diane Le, Los Angeles CA, Board of Directors, Ferrari SPA

“It gives a great insight on how to use the already existing resources to our advantage!”, -Sarthak Gandhi, Mumbai, India, Entrepreneur, Harvard University alum

“This book is an inspiration to all the "I've tried everything but nothing works" kind of people when it comes to weight loss.” –James Vaughan, Tampa FL, former Pharmacy Tech, CVS, lost 8 pounds in 3 days

"Laurentis makes difficult things seem very easy.", –Kamal Hans, Boston MA, Master in General Management, Harvard University

“This is a whole new ball game. Highly recommended.” –Dmitry Churkin, Moscow, Russia, Academy of National Economy, Russian Federation Government

“Peter Laurentis' book on weight loss is groundbreaking. It takes away all the traditional ways of looking at diets and provides a revolutionary perspective at a new one! 10/10”, –Mario Balaz, Stuttgart, Germany, Law Student, Oxford University

“I think it's good information, obviously for people who are trying to lose weight. It gives you an explanation on how to lose weight fast and people of all ages can benefit from it.”, –William Davis, College Park MD, Afghanistan OEF Veteran, United States Army National Guard

“This is the most comprehensive diet book on the market today. Peter Laurentis takes the complex world of dieting and breaks it down in an easy to read format. Full of tips and science-based facts, I highly recommend 57 Minutes Diet!” –Samuel Liu, Los Angeles CA, Campaign Manager, Jay Chen for Congress

“Don't bother with other diet books, this is healthy eating done right. The 57 Minutes Diet is a life-altering book that can add nutritional value to your lifestyle. Perfect for people with busy schedules and entrepreneurs.” –Therese Quiao, Washington DC, Georgetown University alum

"Peter reviews the diets, those that work and those that are fads and goes in depth in his research regarding the origins of liquid diets and fasts." –Maria Brito, New York NY, CEO, Lifestyling, Harvard Law School alum

“It's truly an exceptional and nutritional way to quickly shed off pounds!” –Chubby Carrier, 52th Grammy Awards Winner, Best Cajun Music Album

"I lost 10 pounds after reading the first six pages. It's an entirely new perspective on weight loss.” –Todd Hamme, US Marine Corps Base, Quantico VA, CNO N2/N6 Policy & SSO Arling

Product Details
  • Published on: 2013-11-11
  • Released on: 2013-11-11
  • Format: Kindle eBook