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51 Cheap and Delicious Vegetarian Meals and Recipes (Vegetarian Cookbook and Vegetarian Recipes Collection)

51 Cheap and Delicious Vegetarian Meals and Recipes (Vegetarian Cookbook and Vegetarian Recipes Collection)
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Author: Pamela Kazmierczak
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Product Description

This is the second edition of this book, edited and 25 new recipes have been added - I hope you enjoy the new recipes!

Welcome to the first volume of the Vegetarian Cookbook and Vegetarian Recipes Collection!!

Buy this book now at its introductory rate before we raise the price to the normal price of $4.97.

Why Did I Create This Book (As Well as The Series of Books That Will Follow)?

This book specifically has been created for those who want to have vegetarian meals, side dishes and snacks that are not limited to green salads and potato dishes. It is important to have a variety of food choices to choose from when deciding what to eat, this is just a small selection of the types of meals you can eat throughout the day.

Is This Book For You?

This book is also designed for the person who wants to eat healthier without a lot of fuss and preparation as well as expense. Besides the 25 recipes found within (as well as a recipe on how to make your own mirepoix) there is an intro to the book that includes tips and tricks on how to cut salt, save money and more.

Why Become a Vegetarian?

There are numerous reasons why people become a vegetarian or why some people just choose to mix in more vegetarian meals in their eating habits.

Health Reasons For Searching Out Vegetarian Recipes

One of the biggest reasons many people choose to become a vegetarian is because they know healthy eating leads to becoming a healthier person. If you want to know more about specific health benefits, you should contact your personal physician, however, it is widely believed that becoming a vegetarian can decrease the chance of developing different forms of cancer, gallstones, kidney stones, diabetes and heart disease. If you are looking for a good reason to make healthy vegetarian recipes, the health benefits alone make a good argument for this lifestyle.

Besides Health Benefits What other reasons do people choose a vegetarian diet?

There is no one reason that all people make this choice. There are many reason, here is a partial list of reasons people make this choice:

Lose Weight. Vegetarian meals are usually a low fat food. When you compare a vegetarian entrée to an entrée with meat, the vegetarian one is usually much lower in fat and calories. So if you are looking to start a low fat diet, it may be time to look for some easy vegetarian recipes to prepare.

Save Money. The cost of the meal (or a week’s worth of groceries) is also something to consider. Many people feel that eating healthy is way more expensive. This is not actually true. If you stop buying meat, fish and poultry and instead buy more vegetables and fruits, you will see each meal is actually costing less than before.

Have More Energy. Preparing and enjoying healthy vegetarian recipes is one way to have more energy. One of the reasons people are so tired is because their diets are high fat and high cholesterol. When there is too much of this in a person’s bloodstream, the body has to work much harder and less oxygen can make it to the muscles. Without these bad foods, you will have way more energy than before.

Buy buying this vegetarian cookbook and using the healthy recipes inside you will take the first step in becoming a better, healthier you. Not only are these recipes good for you, they taste delicious as well. This means you will not feel like your sacrificing or giving something up in order to eat low fat, low calorie recipes.

Now that you know more about this book and why it is for you do not forget to scroll up the page and click on the buy button above so you can start enjoying your delicious healthy vegetarian meals right now!

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #208277 in eBooks
  • Published on: 2012-06-16
  • Released on: 2012-06-16
  • Format: Kindle eBook