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Approval Addiction

Approval Addiction
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Publisher: Hachette Audio
Author: Joyce Meyer
Narrator: Pat Lentz
Length: 6 hours (Abridged)
Format: Encoded Windows Media

Rating: 2.7/5 (46 votes)


So many people today have an unhealthy need for affirmation and are unable to feel good about themselves without it. These "approval addicts" spend their time in a constant struggle with low self-esteem and emotional turmoil-which leads to major problems in their relationships with others. In her latest book, Joyce Meyer provides a path to release from the overwhelming need for acceptance from the outside world-an acceptance that is unfulfilling and leads only to disappointment. Through an analysis of what makes an "approval addict" and the ways to find release from specific character traits that foster addiction, Joyce provides a supportive voice and a personal understanding of the effect of insecurity in one's life. Her abiding message is that God provides all the affirmation anyone needs and through Him they can attain freedom.

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