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You are Creative - even if you don't believe it!

By Jason Hockmeier

One of the…strange things that has emerged – and it’s probably the result of language “imposing itself” on reality, rather than expressing it – is the belief that creative people are exclusively those who define themselves as creative, or more likely, work in a field that is self-admittedly “for creative people.” Fields like fine art, or music, or dance, or something that fits nicely within the definition of “creative.”

Yes, of course these people are creative (well, most of them are :), but they certainly aren’t the only ones. In fact, human beings are inherently creative – we, as people, cannot NOT be creative. Even if we believe that we are utterly uncreative and “boring,” that belief – that we’re uncreative and boring – is, in fact, a creation. And the things that we DO as a result of our beliefs are, naturally, expressions of that level of creativity.

Today’s message is, once again, nice and simple: accept the basic fact that you are absolutely creative. This may take a while for you to grasp, but that’s okay – let it sink in deeply. And start to view your life as an expression of your unique creativity. Start seeing situations, events, engagements, activities, and everything else not as something outside of you, but rather, an illustration of your creativity – a canvas upon which you can be creative.

When you start looking at life this way, something very special happens: you stop acting out of unconscious habits. You start viewing each moment (and there really is only ONE moment, of course: NOW) as having the potential to absorb and embrace your creativity.

Do you have to be a painter? A dancer? Or someone that the world deems as “creative”? No! You can bring your innate creativity into every aspect of your life. Making a cup of tea? Do it with creative awareness: see yourself as creating a cup of tea. Having a discussion with someone; especially someone that you, habitually, don’t get along with? View it as a chance to be creative…and then see how YOU create something quite different, energizing, and purposeful!

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