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Family Relationships

A Happy Family

Something we would all love is a totally happy family.
Does such a thing exist?
Can we make our family happier?
It's definitely worth a try.
When things are going well we feel secure, loved and happy within our family. When they are not it is horrid. There are several things we can all do for starters to build our family - our primary family and our wider family.
Parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles can all play a role.

Fulfilling Family Relationships - where do you start?

A key word for families seems to be FUN. It's not always easy is it? Now what fun is to one family is not going to fun for another;
• going together to the huge water-slide to get drenched, even on a cold spring day
• sitting companionably by the fire watching TV or reading, and not speaking a lot
• playing card games
• attending drag racing together
• none of the above

Read about How to Have Fulfilling family Relationships.

Ways to Have Fun in your Family

Use this list to inspire you. Print it off and pin on the family pin-board. Action at least one or two each week, and make up your own. Kids can be really inventive when you ask them for great family ideas.

Click Here to download the '100 Ways to Have Fun in Your Family' poster.

Positive Parenting poster

Pin this to your wall as a daily reminder. Kids thrive on praise. When you focus on the positive, and emphasise the positive - you get more of the same.

Click here to download this delightful poster to pin on your fridge


A wise mother-in-law gave this advice to the mother of a teenage daughter. Some days it was hard for her to find something to praise. But the more she focused on praising positive behaviours, the more she saw. Gradually their relationship improved and the testing teenage years grew so much easier.

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