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Strange as it may seem but an attitude of gratitude is one of the fastest ways to bring you closer to your dreams and goals.

In the Secret DVD John F. Demartini says:
I've said for many years, whatever we think about and thank about we bring about.

And from Esther Hicks:
Gratitude is the way to bring more into your life.

How to Practice Gratitude

Why should we be Grateful? Gratitude for what we have in our life is a matter of such fundamental and crucial importance because it brings us into alignment with what the Universe wants for us.

1. Games of Gratitude
Have you ever noticed that people who are grateful and thankful seem to have more happiness and good things in their lives? Although it is fun, in fact this is perhaps not really a game:- Try just one week - consciously think about all the things you are grateful for, and consciously think how thankful you are. You will notice good feelings creeping in more and more.

2. Symbols for gratitude - inspirational gratitude stones
Some people use a special stone or a rock, or some other '˜treasure' which can be a constant reminder to be grateful. You may like to find your own gratitude rock or individual symbol too.

My gratitude rock

There is a lovely story told by Lee Brower in The Secret :-

"I think everybody goes through times when they say, "Oh man, things aren?t working right, things going bad." There were things going on in my family and I found a rock. I?m just sitting here holding this rock; you might see me carrying it around. I found a rock and I stuck it in my pocket, and I said, "You know what every time I touch this rock, I?m going to think of something that I?m grateful for." And so every morning when I get up in the morning I pick it up off the dresser and put it in my pocket and I go through the things that I'm grateful for. At night, what do you do? You empty your pocket and there it is again. And I've had some different experiences with that. I've had some amazing experiences. I had a guy from South Africa, he saw me drop it, he said, "What is that?" I explained it to him, so he started calling it a gratitude rock. Two weeks later I got an email from him from South Africa. He said, "My son is dying from a rare disease, a type of hepatitis." He said, "Would you send me three gratitude rocks?" Now, they were just rocks I found off the street, so I said, "Sure." I had to make sure that the rocks were very special so I went out to the stream and looked, picked out the right rocks and sent them off to him. Four or five months later I get an email from him. "My son?s better, he?s doing terrific," he said, "But you need to know something." He says, "We?ve sold over a thousand rocks at ten dollars a piece as gratitude rocks and we?ve raised all this money for charity. Thank you very much." And so it?s very important to be in an attitude of gratitude as I call it."

3. Gratitude Inspiration Journal or Gratitude Book
A Gratitude Inspiration Journal or Gratitude Book is a tool that could change the quality of your life beyond belief: writing daily in your journal has profound effects on your life. Some days it?s easy of course, when the whole world seems rosy; other days are not so good. Writing in your gratitude journal each day causes you LOOK for positive things in your life, and as you know, the things you focus on are the things you bring into your life. Try it for yourself - it?s a fun process
How to make a gratitude journal

Free eBook "100 Gratitude Points"

An inspiring activity is to sit down one day and write until you have finished - a list of "˜My 100 Gratitude Points". The more you write, the more you realize how great your life is. This really works. Download this free gratitude eBook and get inspired!

Famous Gratitude Quotations

Read these famous gratitude quotes, use them to add inspiration to your Gratitude Journal, or just read one per day to set your mind on a positive track...

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