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Inspiration With Visualization

By Winsome Coutts

Inspiration with visualization is possible for every aspect of your life. Visualization is one of the strongest tools you can use to create a more happy, inspired and productive life, the way you want it! Take time to practice visualization every day, even if for only a few moments.

Try This Visualization Experiment

Close your eyes and breathe in and out, deeply and slowly three times. Picture in your mind’s eye something that makes you very happy (perhaps your child’s smile), or very calm and peaceful (like sitting by a pond or stream). Dwell on that vision for a while and if your mind wanders, gently bring yourself back to that wonderful thought. Take time to feel the physical feeling of this lovely vision. Are you smiling? Does your body feel more relaxed, happier? Now, take three more deep, slow breaths and open your eyes. How do you feel? You just practiced Inspiration with visualization.

This tool can be used on a daily basis to help you calm and center yourself, bring inspiration into your life, and bring about positive change. It’s true! If you want to motivate yourself, improve all aspects of your life - work, home and health, you can gain inspiration to accomplish anything through visualization.

Visualization As A Tool To Success

We all want to be successful in our lives, and that means different things to different people, but it’s true that we all want to succeed. One of the powerful ways that visualization can be used is as a tool for success. Each day, when you wake up, take time to gain daily inspiration by visualizing your own success. You can close your eyes and picture yourself doing things that mean success to you. Or you can write your own success story in a journal. This can serve as daily inspiration for success each day and for your whole life.

Visualization As A Motivational Tool

Sometimes we need a little “push” to get moving or to stay with a project. It is easy to inspire yourself to stay motivated with visualization. One way you could do this is by visualizing all the bad things that might happen if you don’t motivate yourself. But that’s not the best idea (don’t do it!). Better yet is to visualize yourself working on the project or going through your day productively and creatively. Close your eyes and strongly imagine what this will feel like. Visualize all the positive outcomes that will be yours when you follow through. Imagine the feeling you will have when you have accomplished the goal you need motivation for. You’ll feel great won’t you? You’ll feel inspired to do more! Visualize that!

Visualization As A Healing Tool

Let’s consider how daily inspiration through visualization can help when we need healing. Healing might be for a physical ailment, or an emotional one. It doesn’t matter though, because visualization is an incredible tool to use for healing. If you are unwell, take time frequently to visualize yourself feeling great, both emotionally and physically. Close your eyes and picture yourself doing all the things you love, all the uplifting and pleasant things – whether they are running for exercise, playing with children, planting your garden, or driving a convertible with your hair flying in the wind. Visualize those things strongly. Let your mind and body feel the experience and allow yourself to be inspired. Your body and emotions will follow suit. They will work to heal themselves and return you to those things that you love!

It’s true: Inspiration with visualization is possible for every aspect of your life. Visualization is one of the strongest tools you can use to create a more happy, inspired and productive life – the way you want it! Take time to practice visualization every day, even if for only a few moments. You can use visualization to improve health, wealth, your career, your relationships and your family life. Put those wonderful, healthy, loving and successful thoughts into action by seeing them in your minds eye, by writing them and re-reading them and by speaking them.

This is a wonderful vehicle for changing your life for the better! This is inspiration with visualization in action!

A Digital Vision Board Can Be a Great Tool to Use

Digital Vision BoardThis digital Vision Board is a powerful tool that visualizes your dreams and keeps you inspired to achieve your goals. Include your own dream images, empowering affirmations and power words displaying the future you intend to manifest.

Apply the Law of Attraction and make your dream life come true now!


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