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Law of Attraction, Mind Teachers

EFT and Law of Attraction

By Dr Carol Look

These are two powerful processes combined by Dr Carol Look to help you attract more success and abundance.

Dr Look, EFT Master, is the author of many books and programs combining the Law of Attraction and EFT.

WARNING To get the most from these articles I think you need to have an understanding of EFT. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s FREE.


Part 1 of 5

EFT and Law of Attraction

If you want to attract more success and abundance into any area of your life, you need to change your vibration first. That’s the simple and only rule you need to follow. Your vibration must be lined up with (or “match”) your desires (money, a relationship, a stronger body) in order for emotional and physical results to follow and show up in your physical life. What is your vibration? Your vibration represents your current emotion, the essence of how you are “humming”, or the “level” of your mood and feeling about any topic.

The fastest and easiest way I have found to help you improve your vibration is using EFT. No matter where you are emotionally, using EFT can change how you feel about any subject. Changing your feeling from despair to hopefulness or from resentment to peace would do wonders for improving your vibration. When your vibration is “higher” or lighter or more appreciative, you are naturally more tuned in to the desires you want in your life. And while anger, hurt, resentment or bitterness are all legitimate feelings, when experiencing these emotions repeatedly, you are vibrating in a place that will NOT attract what you want into your life. While I like to wallow every once in a while, dwelling on negative feelings does not empower you and of course, does nothing to resolve any situation. Enter EFT...

EFT and Law of Attraction:

Many of you have already read my article series on EFT and Law of Attraction: A Perfect Match. I have no doubt that these two processes are the best combination of tools available for becoming more successful. The Law of Attraction is always working, so it’s not really a process or technique, but we fail to see our blocks that cause us to magnetize the “wrong” situations or destructive relationships into our life. Law of Attraction is operating all the time, it is just often misdirected if and when we give it the wrong or unclear instructions.

When we are focused on what we are frustrated with or on what we resent instead of on our goals and how good we will feel imagining how we will feel when we get there, Law of Attraction will still work perfectly. The only problem is you have aimed it at the wrong target (or fed it the wrong information)! Using EFT helps us point the Law of Attraction towards what we want, much like Gary Craig’s use of the Reminder Phrase that helps focus our minds on the issue we need to focus upon.

So again, the Law of Attraction is turned on 24 hours a day, but it’s our job to direct it towards our goals or we will be disappointed with the results. How do you feed this “LAW” the right directions when it is so tempting and easy to focus on something you don’t want (the extra weight, the bills, ill health etc)? Change your vibration with EFT.

EFT is the best technique I have found (and I have tried zillions…) to help reduce the feelings and conflicts that are in the way of opening a clear channel for attracting your desires. When you clear your blocks with EFT, the Law of Attraction will bring you opportunities and experiences you have been wanting without much effort. I know, you too were taught that anything worth having will take years of hard work and trouble…when you experiment with using EFT with the Law of Attraction you’ll see that life may not have to be such a struggle. (A common limiting belief to clear with EFT.)

Your Vibration Comes First:

So again: You won’t make progress in your life unless your vibration is positive, focused and clear, and you are “lined up” or in synch with the vibration of your desires –whether you want more money, better relationships, perfect business opportunities, or a healthier body etc. In other words, if you want to be thin, you can’t be focusing on how fat you are, how you hate your legs, or how you are repulsed by your body etc. If you want to have more money, you can’t be focused on your monthly bills, your doubts about your business, or your current debts. If you want better health, you can’t focus on your pain or your diagnosis. While some of these realities may be technically true, and are present in your life, you must be focused on what you want instead of the “truth” of what is staring you in the face. This isn’t about denial. This is about choosing your focus.

So the Law of Attraction is fueled by the emotions generated by what you are focused on. It is actually quite a mechanical recipe. So you must be excited and expectant about the prospect of meeting the right business partners, attracting the right clients, reaching your goal weight, rather than on which relationship you can’t wait to leave, what situation you hope to rid yourself of, or what debts you are trying to pay off.

So if we are instructed to focus on “the problem” (what we don’t want) when we perform the basic recipe of EFT, why isn’t this counterproductive to using the Law of Attraction to our advantage?

When we are using EFT, we are treating the real vibration we have going on in our body and mind. We’re not pretending to be happy when we’re not (which offers conflicting vibrations to the Universe) we’re not acting as if everything is “fine” when we’re deeply anxious about a situation, and we’re not glossing over the truth with affirmations that we don’t “buy.” We are dealing with our current vibration head-on, neutralizing it, and clearing the way for more positive vibrations that the Universe can then “hear” and act upon. If there’s too much static, your message won’t be sent.

Picture yourself on TV, talking to an audience, and telling the audience exactly what you want to attract into your life. Picture yourself looking excited, stating what you want, telling the audience what you are hoping will manifest. Sounds ok, right? But what carries far more weight than the words you are speaking to the audience is the “subtitles” at the bottom of the screen!! What are your subtitles? What are you really communicating on a deeper level energetically?

Suppose you want to attract a new romantic relationship, and you are telling your “audience” how much you want this, how excited you are about this possibility, and how you hope you will be able to meet him/her sometime soon. At the bottom of your screen, you are most likely using “energetic subtitles” such as “But I don’t really believe this…” or “I remember how I got dumped last time…” or “I’ll only get hurt again, so why am I bothering to put myself out there?…” The Universe “hears” and picks up your subtitles, not your words. This is why it’s so critical to use EFT to deal with the actual vibration that is going on inside of you right now. This clears the decks and prepares you for attracting what you keep insisting you want, even as you complain of how it eludes you.

Too often what people are doing is pretending they don’t feel angry, hurt, sad or hopeless, and this pretending only reinforces the actual vibration going on inside of you. (In the above example, I recommend you use EFT for the past hurts from your relationships, the doubts about the future, about being too old, not ______ enough, and collapse these obstacles and THEN you will communicate congruence when you ask the Universe for what you want!)

What’s critical to remember is that what you are FEELING is what you are vibrating or communicating to the Universe. Your words don’t matter if your vibration is communicating something different. So if you want to use EFT to attract a new love interest, but your “vibration” is stuck on the last breakup you suffered, that’s where you will “be” energetically, and the Universe will pick that up, interpret it as “I want more of these negative people because I am focused on them” and will deliver another mate just like the last one. He or she will just be from another city or country, but will have the same vibration.

So our work is to change our vibration first, then what we want can flow into our lives.

In preparation for parts 2-5 of this series, I offer this EFT round to get you started on collapsing limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from getting what you want:

Karate chop point: Even though I’m convinced life must be a struggle, that’s what they taught me, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself anyway…Even though they taught me that life has to be a struggle, it can’t be easy, I accept who I am and what I believe…Even though I’m very skeptical about this Law of Attraction stuff, I deeply and profoundly accept all of my feelings and where they came from.

EYEBROW: I am convinced that my life has to be difficult.
SIDE OF EYE: I’m sure there are no “easy” ways.
UNDER EYE: They taught me it will always be hard.
NOSE: Life has to be a struggle.
CHIN: That’s how it has always been.
COLLARBONE: I wonder if that has anything to do with what they taught me?
UNDER ARM: I wonder if I am ready to change?
HEAD: Life has to be a struggle, and it always has been.

EYEBROW: I used to think life had to be difficult.
SIDE OF EYE: I’m very skeptical of easy paths.
UNDER EYE: Doesn’t life have to be miserable?
NOSE: Isn’t it always hard to make money unless you are already rich?
CHIN: What if there is an easier way?
COLLARBONE: What if I haven’t been taught it yet?
UNDER ARM: Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong all along.
HEAD: I am willing to consider a new possibility.

Karate chop point: Even though I’ve been working too hard for no reward all my life, and I resent it, I accept who I am and why I’ve been working this way…Even though I didn’t know there was a better way, I accept my feelings and all of me…Even though there’s a part of me that’s still skeptical, I choose to be open to trying something new.

EYEBROW: I’ve been working too hard.
SIDE OF EYE: I knew something was wrong with this formula.
UNDER EYE: Maybe life doesn’t have to be a struggle.
NOSE: It was for them.
CHIN: Maybe they didn’t know better.
COLLARBONE: I think they just taught me what they knew.
UNDER ARM: I’m considering trying something new.
HEAD: Maybe life doesn’t have to be such a struggle.

EYEBROW: I have decided to relax and allow abundance into my life.
SIDE OF EYE: I have decided it’s ok to feel good about money.
UNDER EYE: Maybe I didn’t know better, but I’m willing to do it differently.
NOSE: I choose a new path.
CHIN: I love feeling excited about changing my vibration.
COLLARBONE: I choose to focus on what I want.
UNDER ARM: I’m looking forward to the changes showing up in my life.
HEAD: I appreciate who I am and how I got here.

Stay tuned for parts 2-5 of this series, covering The Vibration of Successful Weight Loss, Financial Abundance, Continued Financial Success, and the Vibration of Pain Relief.
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Carol Look
With a distinguished background in traditional psychotherapy, Carol Look discovered that combining energy healing methods with her classic training brought incredible results to her clients and unlimited success to her practice.
Although Carol has experience with several energy healing techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT has delivered the strongest results, and is now the primary energy method she prefers.

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