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Dieting Motivation

On a daily basis we sometimes need a good strong dose of dieting motivation when we are struggling to lose weight.

What holds us back?

Some people just decide – ‘Oh, I need to lose a few pounds’, and they get stuck into it.
Others are serial eaters and have a constant battle with food, feeling ashamed and horrible, but still just can’t stop eating.
What’s the solution?
It’s in your head.

Take our FREE Quiz: Do you have the right approach to lose weight?, to check whether you have the right attitude to be successful.

“As I ramble through life, whatever be my goal, I will unfortunately keep my eye upon the doughnut and not upon the whole.”
Wendy Wasserstein

Lose Weight, Quit, Smoking, Drop Addictions and Other Bad Habits

Daily Diet Motivation

If you’re looking for a dose of daily diet motivation, look no further.
We’re committed to helping you stay on the path to weight loss with the following series of tips that are certain to help you realize your goals safely and effectively.

Why are we so sure that our daily diet motivation tips will succeed where others have failed?
It’s simply because ours aren’t dependent upon the latest fad diet or the desire to sell you a “patented weight loss system” that promises you a movie star body but lets you down just like all the rest.
All of our tips come from simple conventional wisdom, backed up by science and absolutely guaranteed to work for YOU!

While at first you might wince at the notion of diet and exercise and find yourself wondering if maybe carrying around those extra ten pounds isn’t so bad after all.
If you stick with it, you’ll see that it’s really not so bad.
Why? Just look at our first tip:
Click here for all the tips in this article:
Daily Weight Loss Motivation

It’s all in Your Mind – Dieting - Psychology - Motivation

We eat, or overeat to smother our emotions; lots of emotions – anger, fear, loneliness, stress, sadness.
Sometimes we even overeat when we are happy – to ‘reward’ ourselves.
We focus on losing weight, when the Law of Attraction says that we should be focussing on being slim. The way we use our minds to help in the process is crucial. But how can you change your mind?

One of the best processes around – and it’s FREE, is EFT.
Dr Carol Look has provided us with this article:
The Vibration of Successful Weight Loss, explaining how to use EFT for weight loss.

We highly recommend: "The Key to Successful Weight Loss – How to conquer Emotional Overeating” an e-book and Computer Program for Step-by-Step Guidance by Doctors Carol Look, Patricia Carrington, and Sandi Radomski.

Take the FREE Quiz
Do you have the Right Approach to Lose Weight?

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It may tell you what you already know deep down – but take it anyway.
You may be pleasantly surprised. You may get a few ideas to make you successful.
Do you have the Right Approach to Lose Weight? - Quiz

Best Diet Motivation Reading

For the person looking for the best diet motivation reading, there is no shortage of excellent books out there on just about any topic you can think of.
You have to choose carefully, however. Just as you don’t want to waste calories on “empty” food, you don’t want to waste your time on “empty” reading.
Take our advice, and check out some of the books listed below for a read that’s both entertaining and full of practical, well-researched advice that you can really use!

Additional Diet Motivation Reading

For even further reading, check out these two helpful articles on weight loss for a source of daily diet motivation that’ll really get you inspired!
Good Eating Habits vs. Dieting
Weight Loss Inspiration

Weight Loss Program - Anthony Robbins "The Body You Deserve." Lose Weight With Anthony Robbins Today! Click Here!

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