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How can you tell if you have found your soul mate?

By Winsome Coutts

Your Soul Mate
How can you tell if you have found your soul mate? Do you need to take a soul mate personality test, or a ‘Who is my Soul Mate Quiz’? Are there Soul Mate indicators? If these are questions you are asking read on……

How can you tell if you have found your soul mate?

Would you recognize your soul mate if she walked into the room right now? If you met at a party would you answer yes to:- ‘Is he my soul mate?’ Do you think you’ve already found him or her? How can you know that he or she is your soul mate?

The idea of having a “soul mate” is sort of mythic, but can it be true? The answer is yes, but a soul mate might not be exactly what you’re thinking of when you hear that term. Finding your soul mate doesn’t necessarily mean that you have found someone who is just like you in every way and is perfect. You may have arguments with your soul mate sometimes, and you might not always agree with your soul mate. Knowing this might muddy the water a bit if you are trying to discover your soul mate, or if the person you’re with is your soul mate. But there are “soul mate indicators” that can help you discover if your mate is indeed your soul mate, or to find that person if you are single.

Soul Mate Indicators

* Your soul mate is someone who you feel safe with, not manipulated, intimidated or abused in any way.
* Your partnership with your soul mate should be balanced and positive.
* Your soul mate will love you for who you are, not asking you to become something or someone you are not.
* Your soul mate will encourage you in your endeavors and dreams and take joy in your accomplishments.
* A soul mate partnership will be supportive. You will feel confident in your soul mate’s respect for you and honesty.
* A soul mate relationship will be passionate, healthy and fun. It’s true that every relationship has hard times, it can’t always be fun, but there should be an element of fun in your relationship.
* You and your soul mate weather life’s storms together without making things worse for each other. You work as a team to solve problems.
* Soul mates make their relationship a high priority.

You will know if you’ve found your soul mate by how well your relationship coincides with the above indicators. Not every pair of soul mates has a perfect life together, but every pair of soul mates is committed to working together to make their life closer to perfect with each passing day.

If you are in a relationship that you don’t think is a “soul mate relationship”, don’t abandon it just yet! Many relationships must stand the tests of time and pressure before they develop into a relationship made of two soul mates.

If you are single and searching for your soul mate, he may be just around the corner. The key to finding him is to first know yourself, and to love yourself. It’s much, much easier to identify your soul mate when you’ve become very aware of who you are first.

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