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Grandparents Role with their Grandchildren

By Winsome Coutts

Grandparents Role with their Grandchildren
It is important, exciting, scary maybe, and ultimately fulfilling – a grandparent’s role is this and so much more. What a privilege it is to be a part of their lives, to teach them some of your wisdom and to pass on to the next generation some of the fun and exciting things you know about. Read this exclusive article:

The Important Role of Grandparents

When a parent becomes a grandparent, the whole world changes! There seems to be an awakening of feelings that were put way once your children grew and became adults. Not that you stopped loving or caring for your kids, but it’s changed. You’ve probably developed camaraderie with your sons and daughters, an appreciation for the adults they’ve grown into. And while you still feel protective of them, you know that they are ready to conduct their lives. Then along comes a grandchild, and your heart opens and all of those feelings of protectiveness and wanting to give the very best to this little person in the way of love and knowledge and full being blossoms again in full force. This is one of the happiest things a person can experience in their lives. But what is the role of grandparents in the lives of their grandchildren? Certainly, we can’t make the decisions that their parents will make. That is their responsibility now. How do we fit in?

Grandparents have a uniquely wonderful position in the lives of not only their grandkids, but their children as well. We’ve experienced the frustration of trying to calm a colicky baby. We’ve cleaned up the messes left after a cookie-baking extravaganza, and we’ve dried the tears of a child who has just fallen off a bicycle. We are available to our sons and daughters to empathize with them when they are confused and frustrated about what to do. We can offer gentle guidance (without pushing). We can give them a break from the full time job that parenting is. And we can let them know that we have confidence in them to excel as parents.

With our beloved grandkids, we can be the loving and understanding grandmother or grandfather, offering a warm hug and a game of “Go Fish” when mom and dad don’t have the time or the energy to play yet another game. Our role as grandparents is to act as another layer of love and support for this growing person. As we are older and have had more life experiences to draw from so we might be more patient - we can be a bit calmer about spills and messes. And it seems that when we make time for our grandchildren, we are only too happy to spend every moment of that time on the floor playing dolls, or with cars and trucks; or huddled around a deck of cards or a checkers set teaching the little one how to play a new game.

This is the role of grandparents. Even though we still have jobs, hobbies, homes of our own to care for, we make special room in our hearts and our lives for these wonderful gifts that our children honor us with. Grandparents are an essential part of a child’s growth, offering wisdom, silliness, perspective and even some time away from mommy and daddy once in a while. We offer an especially protective and loving environment for grandchildren to visit and we always let them know just how wonderfully special they are.

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