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Falling in Love Signs

By Winsome Coutts

Are you seeing the signs of someone falling in love? Are there ‘Falling in Love Signs’ that you can look for? Is there a list? Well, no, it is a subtle understanding and connection that develops between the two of you. Read on….

Is This Love?

What are the Signs of Someone Falling in Love?

When you were twelve years old, you might have fallen deeply and madly in love with the most popular actor or sports figure of the time. His or her posters hung on your walls, and you fantasized about the day you would meet – the rest would become history. Or, you fell “in love” with the boy or girl who sat next to you in school. You thought that you would grow up and marry (maybe that actually happened!).

Now that you’re older and realize that you really can’t fall in love with a poster, or someone you’ve never met, and that “puppy love” is different from “real love”, you experience love in a different way. It’s not simple idol worship, or a crush. Real love is different, obviously more substantial – it has a foundation that is built upon. There are stages to love and as you progress through these stages, it changes. But before you can get to the advanced stages of love, you have to go through the beginning stages.

Falling in love is a heady feeling full of pounding hearts and butterflies in the stomach. This is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. It’s also a time when we lose our ability to think straight! This earliest of stages takes place during first dates and flirtations. You think about your new love interest a lot. Phone calls and conversations over coffee are savored and recalled over and over again. This part is fun and very exciting but it’s not real love yet, although it can certainly lead to love. Giddy dating gives way to the feeling that there is something more than just physical attraction and the feeling of your heart racing when you hear his or her voice.

True falling in love signs are subtle, but certainly recognizable. For example, finding that you still like the other person, even when they’ve done something annoying is a sign. This is different from desperately sticking with him or her just because you want that person to be the one even though they do things that really irritate you, or even embarrass you.

If you are becoming willing to do things that you probably wouldn’t have done in the past, you are probably falling in love. These are things like going to the ballet with your love interest, even though you have never gone, nor have you ever had the slightest intention of going. What is important to the other person becomes more important to you (even if you never really learn to love the ballet).

Probably the most important sign that you are falling in love is that you begin to think that there could be a real place in your life for this person – long term. That’s likely the first true sign of being in love. The feeling isn’t that you will die without the person; it’s that you think your life would have a wonderful new dimension with this person in it. You start to consider the possibilities of what that might mean.

Being in love has less to do with butterflies than it does a feeling of warmth and comfort. The giddiness of the early stages give way to a stable feeling of wanting to build a life with your love, and the feeling that weathering the storms of life can be a rewarding adventure. When you begin to feel that way, you can safely assume that you’ve fallen in love.

Reading this may not tell you how to make someone fall madly in love with you but if you have that ‘glow’, that feeling of connection you are probably exhibiting to the world many falling in love signs.

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