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Jack Canfield’s “Dream Collection” – Helping You Stay Glad

Does Your Attitude Suck? How to Feel Grateful Again

By Anneli Asplund

An Attitude of Gratitude: This is a '2 part article' where we talk about how to have, and maintain an 'Attitude of Gratitude'.
If you haven't read the first part go to: 'Attitude of Gratitude When Things Go Wrong? How to Be Upbeat, Not Phony'

In the first article I talked about “gratitude attitude” – what some call “gladness attitude.” We looked at how our thoughts shape reality, and why that’s worth being glad about.

This article I will talk about slumps: what to do when you lose your gladness and slip into complaint mode. How does that affect your life and how can you get back to feeling good and positive again?

A Cool True Story

Just as gladness attracts to us things of similar vibration, feeling irritated or put out attracts to us negative things. Sometimes the results can be dramatic.

Some years ago, a normally upbeat friend of ours lost her job and fell into a mindset of worry. Though Kara worked unusually hard at finding a new position, no employers were interested. Her fear sabotaged every interview and job application. She couldn’t even get a kid’s job delivering newspapers.

Soon other bad things happened: she got a speeding ticket, developed the cold of her life, and her boyfriend broke up with her. Our friend was really angry – it all seemed so unfair.

One day in a phone call, as Kara narrated her long list of disasters to a friend, the other woman’s cell phone kept bleeping out. Kara’s friend would drive out of the dead zone, phone again, they’d chat a minute, Kara would start complaining, and the phone would go dead again. Kara was so eager to rail about her undeserved experiences, and this just seemed the last straw.

This happened 12 or 13 times, when it occurred to Kara that the moment she started complaining, that’s when they would lose the cell connection. Then it hit her: her own attitude was causing the trouble – not just on the telephone microwaves, but in her life. She had let dramas overtake her faith in herself and the universe. The more she moaned, the more awful her world became.

As soon as Kara stopped reciting her woes, the phone conversation continued without further interruption. That day Kara decided to stop whenever she noticed herself complaining, even if she was only complaining in her mind. Instead she told herself one good thing was about to happen to her. (Right then she felt too low to believe in more than one).

Two days later, Kara received a generous surprise check in the mail from a concerned friend. It was the first nice thing that had happened to her in months.

Imagine a Change in Fortune

Kara saw that her own attitude slump was causing all her problems. She began imagining feeling glad and being relieved of her troubles. Within a couple of days, she felt cheerful, and within a couple of weeks, her “luck” had completely reversed. She went into business for herself and became successful. As an entrepreneur, she was much happier than on her old job. Her new boyfriend was quite an improvement, too.

In the years since, our friend has never fallen into a major downward spiral again. When negative thoughts start to creep in, she remembers that experience, and the power of expecting good (maintaining a gladness attitude) in creating the life she wants for herself.

If you are in an emotional slump, begin to just imagine feeling better. Imagine one nice thing – a surprise – happening to you. When something annoying occurs, tell yourself the pattern you’re in is about to reverse. When you go to bed at night, fall asleep on the thought that something wonderful is in the works. You’ll see an abrupt change in fortune, because your mind is a creator in this universe. What you imagine and expect will come to you!

Jack Canfield’s “Dream Collection” – Helping You Stay Glad

We recommend a special product to you, something to help maintain your gratitude attitude. Keeping an upbeat focus is so important, since sliding into negativity delays our manifestations. The product is Jack Canfield’s “Dream Big” collection, a set of tools designed to keep you positive.

First in the kit is his book, “Key to Living the Law of Attraction,” which lays out all the mechanics for assuming authorship of your own life. It’s important to review this information regularly, as we are prone to forget it.

You’ll also get a Gratitude Journal, a beautiful book to record in each day just what you have to be glad about. This makes staying glad easier. You’ll also receive a Vision Book, with all the Accessories needed to make an inspiring visual tool that keeps your goals and manifesting on track. This is a story board, deluxe version. Look at your beautiful vision book every night before bed, and drift off to dreamland designing and creating your future.

Visit http://www.dreambigcollection.com/ for more about this cool package by Jack Canfield, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books and one of the renowned teachers on “The Secret” DVD. Any purchase you make helps fund our effort to bring you inspiration and knowledge through this website.

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