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3 Ways To Intensify Your Orgasms and Intimacy During Lovemaking

By Michael Webb

Did you know that one of the best ways to intensify orgasms and the overall lovemaking experience is by having prolonged foreplay?

It's true. Including "prolonged foreplay," you're about to learn three ways to add new levels of passion and excitement to your lovemaking that will bring you and your partner even closer. So here we go!


An extended period of foreplay amplifies your sexual experience because it gives you time to build up sexual anticipation. Why does this work? It's just human nature. Think about a big event in your life.

Whether it be a party, a holiday, or a major movie launch, chances are that you were so excited by the buildup and buzz that it made the experience 10 times better.

Well, the same rules apply to making love. So next time you spend some time under the sheets, make a conscious effort to explore your partner’s body.

Leave a trail of kisses all over their body, run your fingers along their skin and gaze lovingly into their eyes.

The more time you spend devoted to foreplay, the greater the experience for both of you. And if you want to feel the magic even more then...


Now don’t get me wrong here, I'm not talking about JUST trying a new lovemaking position, tip, technique or even location. While these things would definitely spice things up, you can make your experience even more fulfilling, simply by using a little added creativity.

For example: Why not learn a new technique––pack a picnic and head to a beautiful park for the day. And if you find a private spot, who knows what might end up happening? :D Going on dates like these helps to bring back the magic that made you fall in love in the first place.


Tasteful, fun and alluring sex games are one of the best ways to intensify orgasms and the entire lovemaking experience. Not only are they extremely fun and have a lot of 'replay value,' but they actually accomplish BOTH the other tips at the same time too!

Because when you play a sex game you:
1. Automatically extend foreplay in a fun and interesting way
2. Try new things that the game tells you to do

And even while some games only consist of familiar tips and moves, you'll be using them in new scenarios, which actually makes them feel new.

Maybe you’ll use a deck of cards or dice to create your own passionate play. Perhaps you’ll adapt a sport game for the bedroom. Or maybe you’ll just want to use your bodies as the props. It doesn’t matter. Simply get excited and unleash some creativity!

So if you want to create a magical experience, remember there’s no better way than playful game that combines both prolonged foreplay and trying new things.

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About the Author:

Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the author of
"100 Sex Games For Couples," a book full of ways to spice up your lovemaking, adding more passion and intimacy to your experience.
To read more, visit:
100 Sex Games For Couples

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