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selfhelp4life Affiliate Program

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How to sign up to our affiliate program
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Our affiliate program is easy to set up:

Step 1: Complete the Affiliate Enrolment Form. Our affiliate program is administered through ClickBank -- the world leader in credit card processing for information products and ebook sales. They will automatically set you up with an Affiliate ID and give you complete instructions. Click here to set up your free ClickBank account

Step 2: Send prospects to your affiliate link and start earning commissions immediately.

Step 3: You earn a commission of 50% for every order that comes from your website. Plus, you can track all your sales in real-time right from your own computer through your ClickBank affiliate account.

PLUS - with ClickBank you don't have to wait to get paid only once a month! ClickBank cuts commission checks twice a month!

Further uestions? For more information on how ClickBank works -
click here ==> http://www.clickbank.com/paychecks.html

If you already have a ClickBank account or have signed up and now ready to start making money

Just replace AFFILIATE with your ClickBank Nickname

Here is your affiliate link:

Here is your link in HTML:
<a href="http://AFFILIATE.miservice.hop.clickbank.net"
target=_top>click here</a>

You can replace click here with any promotional text or image you prefer.

Affiliate Banners/Images

You may use any of the images below for promotional purposes, but you may not alter them in any way. You can save them to your local drive:
PC: Right Click >> Save As
MAC: ctrl Click >> Save Image As

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